about us


Established in September 2018, Amplus Records was founded by Kevin Sell. Setting up shop in the beautiful and culture-rich city of Portland, Kevin’s own words best summarize the heart and soul of the company:


Kevin Sell - Founder/President/CEO

“Music is my passion, and I’ve found great reward in helping musicians accomplish their goals. Standing out amongst the cacophony of content available today is hard, and being a musician, even just an artist, in general, is a time and soul-consuming process. Our family has grown bigger by the day over here at Amplus, and we want to use our team and their talents as the vessel that will expose our artists and their music to the world, and help them finally achieve their dreams of supporting themselves and their families by doing what they love."


Jamaali Roberts - Creative Arts Director

I am a multidisciplinary visual and musical artist. My illustrative paintings and drawings investigate the rich, multifaceted, and diverse experiences of Africa-Americas. I am especially interested in my African heritage and the stories of my ancestors, real and imagined. My passion is painting large murals for all to see and hosting drum circles and art workshops to share my artistic knowledge.


DJ Ambush - Director of Artists Development

"After decades of experiencing the fast paced east coast music market from vantage points both on the creative and production/marketing side one thing has become of the utmost importance to Ambush. Educating artists, helping them to navigate the pitfalls of older industry models while giving them the tools to forge new pathways in the independent market.

"Instead of stressing about what is missing from your scene, lets inject the it with the proper energy and execution with the intent of being an example to fellow independent acts. Lets create the scene in which we want to exist. This is the best time to be a musician."


Melissa Vaquero - Director of Social Media

Melissa has always enjoyed singing and writing lyrics. It wasn’t until April 2017 when she started interning at the Hallowed Halls recording studio that she started developing her skills as a musician, producer and engineer, assisting during many sessions and learning from very skilled engineers and musicians. She is currently working on producing and mixing her own music, while still developing the skills to perform live recordings for other musicians.

“I find music to be healing and my favorite form of expression. Music is my passion, it was never something I was good at, it’s just something I enjoy and have always been drawn to.”