Music Portland

MusicPortland is the only trade association and advocacy group exclusively for the Portland area music industry. If you create, produce, distribute, promote, book, or in any way support music in the Rose City, MusicPortland is your champion and information hub. Our mission is to assess, unite, support and amplify Portland artists, manufacturers, services and venues.


Friends of Noise

Friends of Noise seeks to foster healing and growth for the creative youth in our community via the arts. We host all age concerts that showcase youth first and adult artist second. We teach music production workshops so that young people can host and produce concerts themselves. We teach Music Biz professional development workshops so that young people can have a baseline skill set to navigate the music scene.


Portland Radio Project

Portland Radio Project is your non-profit community radio station, closely tuned in to PDX. On the dial at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland and streaming worldwide from any computer – or mobile app.

Our mission is to give a voice to local musicians, nonprofits, and small businesses – engaging and mentoring new generations of arts lovers and community supporters.


The Numbers

Local Portland Radio station that is promoting diversity and awareness by airing music from local artists, playlist from prominent members in the community, and touching on culturally significant topics through PSA's and interviews.


Vortex Magazine

PORTLAND has a creative legacy of not just music, but also of music journalism.

But as the aughts rolled around, our music-centric publications started to die off. The biweekly rag The Rocket disappeared in 2000, while the industry mag Two Louies ceased publication a few years later after a quarter century in service and more than 300 issues of coverage.

Unlike the ‘80s, Portland is no longer overlooked. When the eyes of the world are watching and consuming the craft and culture of Portland more now than ever, why is it that we don’t have a high-caliber, in-depth publication solely dedicated to music? And not just the records, bands and artists, but also the community, scene, business and history behind it all?

In the spirit of Two Louies and The Rocket, we are proud to present Vortex Music Magazine—a print and online publication founded by David Mosher, a successful entrepreneur and casual musician, and Chris Young, a Portland-based writer, editor and concert addict.

With a daughter that shot concert photography for The Rocket in the ‘90s, David was aware of the thriving music scene in Portland but felt unable to navigate the modern landscape that had changed so much since his days seeing bands like Johnny and The Distractions, the Dan Reed Network, Wheatfield, and Seafood Mama (and later Quarterflash) at defunct venues Euphoria, the Earth Tavern, and Long Goodbye. Anxious for accessible, meaningful information, David aspired to create his own source. And after 37 years of prosperity owning and managing the Art Media retail stores he founded, this idea revitalized David’s entrepreneurial spirit as he set his sights on starting his own music publication.

Enlisting local writer and digital journalist Chris Young—founder and managing editor of the all-genre website Oregon Music News, managing editor of Neighborhood Notes, and frequent contributor to About Face Magazine and the Outdoor Project—the two began to plot what would become Vortex Music Magazine.

With a name inspired by the homegrown hippie fest—the only state-funded rock concert in American history—that purportedly drew more attendees than a weekend at Coachella, Vortex Music Magazine aims to not only document the proud tradition of Oregon arts alive in this state, but also spread the word about the community, culture and artists in Portland’s distinctive music scene.

We believe music is a lifestyle in Portland. Vortex Music Magazine intends to make the Portland music scene more successful by making it more accessible, providing quality journalism, informative digital tools and phenomenal photography that investigate, document and examine the circulation of music through our veins and culture—because Portland is the best place to be.

We are Vortex Music Magazine: Music, Portland-Style.


Music Millennium

It was The Ides of March, March 15th of 1969, when Don MacLeod, his wife Loreen and brother in law Dan Lissy first opened an 800 square foot record store on the corner of 32nd & East Burnside. Specializing in mostly underground music not found in the department stores, drugstores or the couple of record stores which existed at the time, Music Millennium filled a niche for the Portland music community.

Titles by Fairport Convention, Frank Zappa, John Fahey, The Fugs and Holy Modal Rounders were stocked in the small store along with the sounds heard on the then three month old FM station, KINK- The Underground Link.

The store quickly grew in the first five years to its current size, including the addition of a classical store called The Musical Offering, later known as Classical Millennium (closed in 2012). A second Music Millennium store was also added next to the now defunct Purple Earth Tavern at NW 21st & Irving, later located at 23rd & Johnson.

It's over 40 years later and Music Millennium is the oldest record store in existence in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout our history, we've stocked the ever-evolving gamut of formats including LP, 45, reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette, DAT, compact disc, mini-disc, DCC and CD-ROM.

As people who know and love music, Music Millennium has hosted an array of in-store performances and autograph appearances over the years, including the likes of Richard Thompson, Luscious Jackson, Loreena McKennitt, Maureen McCormick (aka "Marcia Brady"), Blue Rodeo, Shonen Knife, Matthew Sweet, Soundgarden, Mike Watt, Don Walser, Sheryl Crow, Randy Newman, Everclear, Jewel, Little Feat, Susannah Hoffs and Cheap Trick to name a few.


XRAY Radio

Our mission is to hold a microphone up to the best and most distinctive of Portland. To build a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open media and a more just community.

Our programming features local thinkers, comedians, journalists, and commentators. That funny comic who split your side at the club. That local business leader. The community organizer you heard at the rally. The elected leader you wonder about.

We look at matters from multiple angles, we seek truth and a better community...and fun. We want to give everyone a fair shake; we are also a values-driven organization. We don’t think climate change is only half real, we’re not only half in favor of marriage equality, and we don’t think inequities or wealth disparities are only half a problem.

Radio is yours. We are honored to bring you some.


PDX Spotlight

PDX Spotlight is a TV/Web series and podcast currently in production in Portland, OR. Our mission is to provide a showcase for musicians who may not have the resources to promote themselves at the level they deserve.

Everyone on our team has a passion for music. Many are musicians themselves and all of us believe that we live in one of the most diverse music cities in the world. As Portlanders we want to support our music scene by promoting local and touring acts and the venues that help bring the music to our town. Our full production includes a band interview mixed with a live performance filmed with multiple camera angles and professionally mixed and mastered audio. Wa also produce individual performance videos and periodical podcast interviews. Although we ultimately need to pay the bills, we are a group of volunteers who do this because of our love of music.

If you are interested in working with PDX Spotlight please complete the form on our contact page. If chosen for an episode or podcast we will collaborate with you or your management to determine the best format for your episode.

Following the airing of the episode you will have access to the footage as well as any individual videos that we produce for you. You can use these assets on your own website, Facebook page or however you see fit to help promote yourself.